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At Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre, we work to prevent, diagnose and treat long-term conditions and diseases that affect the older person

There are several NIHR funded Biomedical Research Centres throughout the UK – all dedicating their research activities to different diseases and conditions.

Funded by the National Institute for Health Research, our Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre delivers research that works to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major common diseases affecting the older person.

Newcastle University and The Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust work in partnership to translate scientific research into direct benefits for patients. We aim to develop ‘personalised medicine’ for the older patient; where the needs and aspirations of the individual direct the provision of healthcare.

We’re dedicated to making research work for patients, and to do this we ensure that the public can get involved in many different ways.

Ageing research

Ageing is the single most important factor underpinning the major diseases that affect older people. As we are living longer, the burden of age-related diseases continues to increase. With experienced clinicians and leading scientists in world-class facilities, we are now in a position to address the complex healthcare needs of the older person based on an advanced understanding of the ageing process.

Our research at Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre is at the forefront of Newcastle upon Tyne’s basic and clinical research effort to turn advances in areas like genomics and fibrosis, into better care for patients with a range of common age-related diseases. We work to develop new tests that allow for the early diagnosis of age-related diseases, whilst also monitoring the effects of new treatments in each of the disease areas.

Our Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre and Biomedical Research Unit are a significant part of the national infrastructure provided by the Department of Health through the NIHR, to support leading edge research focused on the needs of the patient.

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