The NIHR Newcastle BioResource

NIHR Newcastle BioResource sits within the structure of Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre. The Newcastle BioResource is located in the heart of the city at the Centre for Life, with a particular focus on rare and chronic disease. Newcastle BioResource aims to collect genetic, health and lifestyle information to enable researchers to investigate possible links between genes and the environment.

The team consists of administrators, data managers and clinical staff, working closely with lead clinicians from the pre-selected disease areas to recruit patients in to the BioResource. For all those clinics involved it gives the doctors the opportunity to genotype patients annually with an established and skilled team who can provide research support. It also gives the patients a great opportunity to take part in a clinical research with the possibility of being recalled for more specific projects at a later stage.

The Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre forms the cornerstone of a lasting partnership between Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Newcastle University.

Should you like more information about the Newcastle BioResource please contact us at or on 0191 241 8626.

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