Our Research

Our research themes capitalise on our areas of international strength as we focus on the complex health needs of our growing elderly population in order to translate basic biomedical research into excellent clinical practice.

  • Ageing Brain

    Improving our understanding of brain ageing to develop new targets for early diagnosis and new therapies for the treatment of dementia and stroke.

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  • Ageing Body

    Exploring ways to develop and implement new approaches to therapy in cardiac disease, diabetes and chronic liver disease.

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  • Ageing Limbs

    Laboratory research and clinical studies working on musculoskeletal diseases to improve the quality of life for older people.

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  • Fibrosis and Repair

    Studying the mechanisms of fibrosis in a range of chronic diseases in order to learn more about processes in tissue repair and regeneration.

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  • Genomics

    Facilitating in the identification of common genetic and epigenetic mechanisms acting in several common age related diseases.

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  • Mitochondrial Disease

    Developing treatments to benefit patients with age-related diseases where mitochondrial mechanisms play an important role.

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