Ageing Body

Liver, Heart and Metabolic (Diabetes) Research

Chronic disease is a major impediment to healthy and high quality life in older patients. The prevalence of chronic disease increases sharply with age and the patterns of organ damage, and associated disease symptoms, together with the side effects of therapy can have a substantial impact.

The ageing body theme aims to explore the interrelationship between age and chronic disease in three important areas which have a major impact on our population; cardiac disease, diabetes and chronic liver disease.

The approach taken is to move away from a reductionist view of individual manifestations of individual disease to explore commonality of process and impact. We will also work closely with the other themes which have highly relevant expertise in the underpinning biological processes and pathological events.

Our goal is to increase understanding of the mechanisms of chronic disease in our target settings, to understand the breadth of the impacts on patients and society and to explore ways in which we can develop and implement new approaches to therapy which recognise the complexity of these diseases and the need to treat each individual patient in an optimal way.

Chronic disease in older people represents a setting which exemplifies the need to move towards integrated approaches to thinking about disease and its impact and to explore new ways of studying them. The investigators are highly experienced in translating research activity into ultimately therapeutic intervention and would drive the BRC Ageing Body Theme forward.

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