The Genomics cross-cutting theme functions as a virtual core resource, established to facilitate in the identification of common genetic and epigenetic mechanisms acting in several common age related diseases. Research objectives will be met through the interaction with the the three major BRC disease areas: (1) The Ageing Brain, (2) The Ageing Body and (3) The Ageing Limbs.

Genomic Platforms
Researchers engaging with the Genomics team will have access to a wealth of technical resources associated with next-generation sequencing methods, SNP genotyping and epigenetics, both in terms of analytical instrumentation and established laboratory workflows and processes. Expertise has been consolidated from across the Faculty of Medical Sciences, allowing us to draw on key members of staff with extensive experience in study design and genomic applications, including targeted re-sequencing (including whole exome), genome wide association studies, molecular diagnostics, transcriptomics, pharmacogenomics and epigenetics.

Data Analysis

The Institute of Genetic Medicine has invested considerably in high performance computing and data analysis, data storage methods and personnel; computational biologists and statistical geneticists form an integral part of the genomics team. Researchers have the opportunity to adopt in-house tried and tested bioinformatics pipelines for high though-put data analysis and interpretation, or collaborate with the team on new strategies.

Sample Material
Fundamental to the success of any genomic research project is the sourcing of high quality tissue and DNA samples. Many of the studies coordinated through the genomics cross cutting theme will utilise sample material from the BRC supported tissue and DNA biobanks.

Future Technologies
The next 5 years is certain to be a dynamic and exciting period for genomic research, giving way to outsourcing opportunities as new rapidly developing technologies emerge. The Genomics team are ready to embrace this and constantly build upon a strong knowledge base to ensure that BRC and faculty researchers are kept informed on the latest methods and advised appropriately.

If you would like any further information on engagement with the NIHR BRC in Ageing Genomics cross-cutting theme, please contact: Dr Jonathan Coxhead

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