Resources for Researchers

Clinical Trials guide for Trainees

The NIHR has launched a new and improved version of its Clinical Trials Guide for Trainees. The guide includes case studies from trainees active in clinical trials and research staff based at Clinical Trials Units, as well as additional guidance on how to structure a Fellowship based around a clinical trial and/or clinical trials training, and how to utilise NIHR Fellowships to start or further a career in clinical trials.


Beyond a paper; How to get your research (and you) out there!


michael trennell
This webinar is presented by Professor Michael Trenell, NIHR Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Cellular Medice at Newcastle University.

This recorded one hour webinar examines how social and other media can help researchers communicate their research, from TV to twitter and everything in between. The webinar is aimed at aspiring current NIHR trainees as well as other researchers who wish to learn more about the opportunities that social media channels provide. This webinar covers:

  • practical advice on social and new media tools
  • ideas on how to include new media tools in research communication plans
  • a live Q&A session



NIHR Fellowships – Introductory Webinar

Recorded Thursday 16 June 2016

This is a webinar for aspiring NIHR Fellowship award holders ahead of the launch of round 10 of the programme later in the year. The webinar is aimed at clinicians, allied health professionals and health researchers who wish to learn more about personal training awards.

It is jointly hosted by the NIHR Trainees Coordinating Centre (TCC) and the NIHR Research Design Service (RDS) and will include:

  • An overview of the NIHR Fellowship programmes and eligibility requirements
  • A guide to the scope of research projects that are suitable for Fellowship schemes
  • An overview of the support offered by the NIHR RDS
  • Things to consider before applying for an NIHR Fellowship and designing a research project
  • A live Q&A session

The webinar is presented by Pete Thompson, Assistant Director at NIHR TCC and Jill Carlton, Research Fellow in the Health Economics and Decision Science section of ScHARR (School of Health and Related Research) and Fellowships advisor for NIHR Yorkshire and Humber RDS.