NIHR Training School

The BRC and BRU have provided the infrastructure to develop the NIHR Newcastle Training School. The Training School will enhance the reputation of Newcastle as a principal centre for ageing and chronic disease through the intake of quality Masters and PhD students and through the development of e-learning modules based around translation and age-related disease that will form the basis for a distance learning MSc in Translational Medicine. This will increase the opportunities for students to study in Newcastle and have the benefits of a Newcastle University Programme despite being unable to travel to Newcastle.

The expansion of e-learning in medical education is a reflection of the inherent advantages that technology can bring to teaching and learning. Staff from the NIHR training school have developed a number of e-learning modules in ageing that are offered as part of Postgraduate Masters courses at Newcastle University

As well as the development of high quality teaching material at certificate, diploma and masters level for continuing professional development, the BRC and BRU have funded over 40 studentships across the medical faculty in areas that include fibrosis, cardiac disease, neurodegenerative disease, musculoskeletal disease and mitochondrial dysfunction that will be integrated as part of the Training School.

The Newcastle Training School in an integral part of the NIHR strategy for research training and career development by the provision of a comprehensive programme to support the next generation of researchers in ageing and chronic disease.

Students who are part of the Training School have a unique opportunity to participate in the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre Experimental Medicine Summer School which aims to develop future leaders in experimental medicine.

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